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Blue World Theme Park Kanpur Address: Bithoor Road, Mandhana, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, 209217, India

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Blue World Theme Park Kanpur Timings

Day Timing
Monday 10:30 am – 8:00 pm
Tuesday 10:30 am – 8:00 pm
Wedesday 10:30 am – 8:00 pm
Thursday 10:30 am – 8:00 pm
Friday 10:30 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday 10:30 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday 10:30 am – 8:00 pm
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Blue World Kanpur Timings
Dry Ride Timings 10:30 am to 6:30 pm
Water World Timings 10:30 am to 5:30 pm
Music Fountain & Laser Show After Sunset
Boating, Chairlift, Skydive Will Closed at 6:30 pm
Blue World In Kanpur Ticket Prices
Packages Monday to Friday Saturday & Sunday
Full Ticket
(Above 110 cm)
Half Ticket
(Between 90 to 110 cm)
Full Ticket
(Above 110 cm)
Half Ticket
(Between 90 to 110 cm)
Full Park 650 350 750 400
Fairy Land Water World 500 250 600 300
Adventure Dry Rides 500 250 600 300

Note: Child below height 90 cm is free.

Blue World In Kanpur Costume and Locker Fee
Rent Security (refundable) Total
Costume 70 130 200
Locker 50 100 150

Note: Towel only for sale @ Rs. 100

Second largest city of Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur evokes history and religion. The commercial and financial hub of the state is situated on the banks of holy river Ganga. One of the iconic landmarks of the city is the renowned Blue World Theme Park.

Theme Parks have been the most popular vacation destination for thrill seekers and people looking to escape the scorching heat of the cities. Blue World Theme Park of Kanpur proffers plenty of rides that excite visitors of all ages.

An entertainment choice of vacationers is packed with adventurous rides and spectacular shows including flying carousel, revolving tower and jumping frog ride. It is flocked with people who are thrilled to have a family –friendly fun. Blue World Theme Park has a varied range of attractions from mellow to extreme thrill.

It also features exciting rides that leave the riders breathless and have their adrenaline pumping. Astonishing photo fountain is first of its kind private musical fountain in India. One of the key highlights is the laser show on water screen that is appreciated by all travellers.

Other attractions include Western train rides, Jet planes, Columbus and Ferris wheel. Amusement Parks are often visited to enjoy the family-friendly ambiance. Kanpur Blue World Theme Park draws big number of visitors who throng in to experience its rides, slides and drops.

Spanning an area of 25 acres it features stunning themes and country’s biggest private musical fountain and laser show. Featuring around 10 huge slides and 25 stimulating rides, it is a must-visit destination for all travellers visiting Kanpur.

Family Rides

One of the most popular rides that attract adrenaline junkies is the Columbus ride. People board on a ship named Columbus that swings them up and down. Boarding the Telecombat is a breathtaking experience for the riders.

Swing Chairs are enjoyed the most by little kids as they sit on the vibrant and colourful chairs and take mesmerizing rides. Polipo Octopus is most enjoyed by visitors of all ages. People can take mesmerizing views of the entire Blue World Theme Park at the Amphido Eye.

Adrenaline junkies enjoy the Blue Typhoon that takes all the members through thrilling twists and turns. With Suhana Safar, people embark on a journey to discover the culture and heritage of the country traversing through caverns on a boat. Watch important events like Durga Pooja, significant historical monuments, Independence Movement and well known leaders.

Visitors board on a voyage to the planetarium at the Journey to Space section and learn about the evolution of earth, mysteries of cosmos and the planets. The informative show developed for members of all ages takes them to the galaxy to discover everything about the planetarium.

People embark on the Monorail that is infused with thrill and exhilaration to take a short tour of the Blue World Theme Park. Encounter the characters of 7D films up close at the impressive 7D Show. It gives a real and enlivening experience to the spectators.

Ride on the dancing show on the beats of the Dancing Violin amuses the riders. Polipo Octopus takes the people up and down through its five to eight arms. Park features a relaxing boat cruise traversing around the artificial lake with the amazing Dragon Bridge and Chinese architectural monuments in the backdrop.

Striking Car rides are the most enjoyable rides as the family members keep hitting each other riding the fun filled cars.

Thrill Rides

Blue World Theme Park holds an entertaining and country’s first angle based Chair Lift where people travel in the Chair that is 40 to 60 feet above the ground and traverses an area of 1000 feet. The longest Chair Lift can carry only two members at a time.

A prominent feature is the Free Fall that incorporates speed, height and a high amount of physical activity. Also popular as extreme sport it indicates a fall from a tall structure connected to a large elastic cord. Riders board on their favourite ride on the roller coaster for an incredible adrenaline rush.

Kids Zone

Theme Parks are most enjoyed by kids. Blue World Theme Park is known for its family-friendly attractions which includes special zone for the kids. Adding to their delight are the Flying Chopper, Jingle Bells and Umbrella Ride.

Children would feel it to be the best place to splash around. Kids would chill out boarding on the Flying Chopper which is the different version of the carousel. Kids sit on the mounted log to take one fun filled spin. Jingle Bells is the most enjoyed ride by kids where they board on the toy train and take an enticing ride.

Little ones would have extreme fun as they board on the Umbrella Ride that takes the children up to the sky and then descend back. Younger lot aged three to eight years would have great fun sitting on the colourful ducks that takes them on a gentle ride.

Children would enjoy the little versions of the pool, fun slides and activity centre at the Tiny Tots Zone. They will have fun and frolic as they get wild at the Tiny Tots Zone. Sun and the moon at the Toon Tango take children up and down simultaneously rotating itself.

Kids zone also features the hopping frog which is a combination of the merry go round and the jumping frog that gives the kids a sensation of sitting on a frog.

Another notable feature is the relaxing ride of the cup and saucer where the little ones can sit within the colourful cups. Merry go round is a noteworthy ride that kids aged between five years to ten years enjoy the most.

Fairy Land Water World

Go rocketing down the amazing drop of the wave runner that is the prime attraction among the visitors. Family members are delighted to hop aboard the Family Raft Ride that winds their way through dark caverns, and move ahead excitedly through bends and steep drops.

Family Raft Rides are accessible by minimum 3 and maximum 4 riders. If there is a group of more than 4 riders, they would be split into 3-4 members each.

Thrill seekers would enjoy flying around a huge Funnel Ride and finally plummeting down the huge tunnel. Twists and turns of the ride add to their delight. Boisterous adventure enthusiasts can be seen screaming to their heart's content as they slide down through wonderful corkscrew tunnels or quadruple-drop slides of the Master Blaster.

Blue Wonder Theme Park features Splash Out where visitors take fun rides and finally splash in the cool waters. Action packed Typhoon Tunnel amazes the riders as they glide down the tallest tunnel of the park. People would have extreme fun whooshing down the twin slides at the Body Slide.

Riders move forward with high speed to fall down with a splash through the Wave Runner. Have an invigorating experience at the waterfalls where water falls through mountains on the visitors. Visitors get into the Wave Pool to enjoy thrilling ocean waves. Stepping inside the Rain Dance zone is one of the favourite activities of the Blue World Theme Park guests.


Blue World Theme Park exhibits varied themes that fascinate every visitor. One of the key highlight is the European theme where people would get a feel of wandering through the London Street as they take a leisurely stroll through the Red routes with a perfect ambiance of London.

Walking through the Fairy Land children will enjoy the ambiance of fairies all round. Awe-inspiring Chinese architecture and the mouth watering Chinese cuisine give a wonderful way to experience Chinese culture at the Chinese Theme section.

The amazing theme park also holds in Mayan and Egyptian theme which mesmerizes every guest with its whimsical architecture. India is known for its myriad cultures that coexist harmoniously.

Indian theme portrays the vibrant and rich culture of the country and gives an invigorating experience to the blue world theme guests. Jungle theme gives a wildlife experience to its visitors with a rich collection of wild animals being viewed up close.


Pleasure and fun available in abundance at the Blue World Theme Park has grabbed the attention of all thrill seekers. To intensify the entertainment of the frequent visitors amazing additions are being introduced by Blue World Theme Park which includes Saat Samandar Paar, Dinomica, Mall and Magic Ball.

Saat Samandar Paar is going to take visitors on a voyage to the aquatic world for an encounter with several varied species of aquatic creatures. Mall is a culmination of several entertaining events that includes game zone and Bharat Darshan. People would get acquainted with country’s distinct features at Bharat Darshan.

Game zone would provide a perfect environment for all the sportive people to enjoy an exclusive collection of games to be played in a safe and secure place.

Wandering through the Dinomica people would get introduced to the extinct species of dinosaurs. It would feature all the varied species of dinosaurs from the baby dinosaur to the giant Theropods. Gushing waters at the Magic Bowl would leave riders awestruck as they take on the most thrilling ride.


Guests can take a tasting adventure at the fabulous theme park that proffers unique restaurants to cater mouth watering cuisines. Acquaria gives an exceptional dining experience with an excellent ambiance for guests to taste mouth watering delicacies while enjoying the water views.

Stepping into the Ship Restaurant has been a favourite place for most of the Blue World Theme Park guests where they get to relax and eat by the poolside. People throng in to sample the varying delicious cuisines including Indian Street Food to Chinese Cuisine. It also features special culinary options for the children.

Aunt Granny’s desert bar is the key highlight of Ship Restaurant. Catch a glimpse of the state of Punjab as you eat out at the Punjabi Village. Marvellous miniatures and art adorn the restaurant.


The theme park aims at maintaining international standards as such visitors are expected to coordinate with the authorities to keep the park safe and comfortable. The authorities take a daily safety check for all the rides and have set bouncers with 2-way radio throughout the park.

Park has several CCTV surveillance and lifeguards near all rides. Proper first aid and ambulance facility are set within the park. It is also equipped with fire extinguishers at several places. Visitors are expected to cooperate for security check of their bags and to avoid attire like sarees, dupatta, formal pants, shirts, jeans, pardhas, school uniform and denim while taking the rides. Visitors are informed to wear decent attire. They are not allowed to take dive in pools.

Only costumes that meet international standards of safety are permitted and are available on rent at the Park. Costumes are available at a rent of Rs 200 with the security charges refundable on return of the costume. Locker facility can be availed at a cost of Rs. 150 with security charges being refundable.

Rides have been segregated according to heights as such children are barred from taking certain rides in accordance to the height parameters. High speed rides are restricted for pregnant women, people suffering from heart diseases and having high blood pressure issues.

Being a fun filled adventurous park, the guests are asked to follow safety instructions like wearing lifeguards etc in order to avoid any casualties. Children should be accompanied by adults.


Celebrations can be enjoyed the most when organized in a family friendly ambiance. Birthday parties, get-together, corporate meetings and reunions are often conducted in the park choosing from different packages. Event packages need a minimum number of 50 members for each celebration.


Blue World Theme Park is situated on Mandhana Bithoor Road which is 2 km from G.T. Road in Kanpur. The city is well connected with rail, air and road. There are several trains connected the city to the rest parts of the cities. The railway stations of the city are Kanpur Central, Kanpur Anwarganj, Govind Puri, Panki and Rawatpur.

Kanpur has an airport however there are few flights operated to Delhi as such most tourists prefer to take a flight to Lucknow which is located 70 km away from Kanpur. A taxi, train or bus can be taken from Lucknow to reach Kanpur. Main bus stop is Jhakarkati bus station.

Entry Price and Timings

Blue World Theme Park is open from 10.30 am till 8.00 pm in the evening. There is no entry charge for a child below the height of 90 cm. Entry is free for the guest if it is their birthday. Charges for the Park are planned according to the height of the visitor.

If visited on any day from Monday to Friday for person with height from 90 cm to 110 cm the charges for Full Park visit is Rs 350 while for Dry Park and Fairy Land Water World visit is Rs 250 respectively. For persons above 110 cm of height the charges for Full Park visit is Rs 650 while for Dry Park and Fairy Land Water World is Rs 500 respectively.

Visits to the park on Saturday or Sunday costs Rs 400 for persons with the height of 90 cm to 110cm to tour the complete park while for persons with more than 110cm height the charges is Rs 750. Charges for Dry Park and Fairy Land Water World is Rs. 300 for persons with a height between 90 cm to 110 cm and for persons with more than 110 cm height the charges are Rs 600 each.

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